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Art by Son

Art by Son

Cani (a.k.a. Sonny, a.k.a. Art by Son) was born on May 16, 1986, in the city of Mitrovicë, Kosovo. Political tensions in the region created an unsafe situation. Sonny left the war-torn country for the Netherlands in 1992 as a little boy with his mother, brothers, and sister. Those first years were a culture shock, but he got used to it slowly. From a young age Sonny had a passion for drawing but never had the time and peace to delve more deeply. When Son reached the age of 25 he started to practice his hobby more fanatically. It started with small assignments, from family portraits and logo design to tattoo design. Sonny has no formal education in the visual arts. He is self-taught—all his skills come from being inspired by famous painters and the art they produced. The work that Son produces is very diverse, thickly painted, colorful, and timeless. This makes his work irresistibly beautiful and unique. When furnishing a room, the furniture is considered first, but the decoration of the walls is just as important. Sonny’s works are fine art for “above the couch”—two-dimensional works that appeal to a wide audience.

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