The Works of

Idriss B.

Idriss B.

Created by Idriss B., The Art Collection is continually evolving to reflect the time in which it is made.

Born and raised in Paris, Idriss has shown an interest in art since his childhood and along with his father has built a very significant personal art collection. With his considerable knowledge of new materials, combinations of different sources and various handmade art objects, Idriss began to think of a new collection. This collection was made by molding his vision of contemporary art to create polygonal animal forms in different sizes which he then sold to collectors as limited edition pieces. The goal is to give the possibility to everybody to own unique piece of art. Idriss B. capacity for design with The Art Collection is far wider than what you are reading here, his work is limited edition in the sense that every created piece is unique.

"Idriss: Art Collection capacity is the fruit of creativity and will be growing with time. Each styles are limited editions and are unique created based on your wishes. I am glad to realize each of those masterpieces and I am sure they will find their place into your environment."

- Idriss B.

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