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Lady Jday

Lady Jday

Lady Jday is a young and promising French street artist, based in New-York, strongly influenced by feminism and women struggling. More than a simple guidance, engagement and fighting are fully part of her work. She is deeply involved in women’s rights movement and social justice, and her paintings strongly reflect her engagement.

Her colorful and lively work, with expressive features, testifies to her ability to feel and relay emotions. She exhibited her artworks in Paris, Los Angeles, and New York and participated to international street art performances in Paris, Dubai, New-York, Los Angeles, Bruxelles, Seoul, Busan, Beijing, London and San Francisco.

In 2020, she won an international contest for the Dysturb campaign #artistsagainstaninfodemic, paying tribute to health workers. Lady Jday was a starring participant in several internationally recognized events. For instance, she was part of The World Longest Graffiti Scroll in Dubai, and consequently is now registered in the Guinness World Record. She was also awarded Best Artwork in New-York, by the COP 21, during the international competition #womenclimatejustice. In France, she was previously awarded "Artist Discovery" prize by the Internation Salon Arbustes, supported by the French Ministry of Culture.

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