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Mikhail Gervits

Mikhail Gervits

Trained as a realist painter from an early age, Mikhail Gervits comes from a lineage of musicians, fine artists, and art historians. After graduating from Rhode Island School of Design, Mikhail spent 15 years as a creative lead in New York City for top agencies and brands including MTV, Digitas, and Ogilvy while executing on creative vision for Nike, Samsung, IBM, and Microsoft to name a few.

Over the years, collaborations with top New York and world talent led to numerous multimedia installation works geared towards the entertainment industry and touring artists. In 2016 a culmination of art and commercial experience led Mikhail to create a non-profit focusing on bringing traditional and new technology to benefit the social self-image. The project provides an opportunity for “selfie” culture to yield an aspirational vision of users’ potential through artificial intelligence and augmented reality means, capturing the final image in the traditional oil-on-canvas portrait.

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