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Trevor DeHaas

Trevor DeHaas

Trevor DeHaas is a self-taught photographer based out of Santa Cruz, California. His photography typically focuses on outdoor adventure, natural landscapes or his dog, Kahlua. Trevor and Kahlua spend most of their time outdoors and can usually be found paddleboarding alpine lakes, camping in remote wilderness areas, or soaking up some vitamin D on a sandy beach. Pursuing content creation has led to some unique experiences for DeHaas but his most unique experience brought him to the failed music festival Fyre Fest. This is where Trevor infamously took the now-viral photo of the cheese sandwich served to him as dinner. In addition to his photography, Trevor has been using his platform for years to educate and raise awareness for the need of organ donors around the country.

Trevor is currently in the end stage of kidney failure and is desperately seeking a kidney transplant for himself. This summer Trevor and Kahlua circumnavigated all 72 miles of Lake Tahoe's shores in 10 days via stand-up paddleboard with just 8% kidney function. One of Trevor's main goals is to inspire people and their pets to get outside more, to be more active and to not let a diagnosis define who you are.

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