Ben Katz

Future Friends

— A Physical NFT
Microchip sculpture
(10" x 7" x 20")

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Future Friends is a piece of mixed media sculptural artwork created by Ben Katz in between 2008-2011. It is the first piece of his signature collection and has been featured in dozens of publications.

This piece represents his unique view being both a technologist and creative artist. It was made to represent our growing reliance on technology and also how technology acts as the conduit to our existing friend networks but also acts to extend our network beyond what was available in face to face interactions at that time.

An interesting fact is that this piece actually contains materials from Ben’s first computer including the original Pentium 1 processor which is prominently displayed on the piece. Ben has in the past declined to sell this piece, despite many offers and interested buyers. Now with the rise of NFTs and digital NFT art he feels the time is right to finally let it go to a good home.

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