Tripp Derrick Barnes

F.or Y.our R.eal E.ntertainment

— A Physical NFT
Oil on canvas
(48" x 60")

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March 23, 2021 8:00 PM




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Tripp Derrick Barnes' electric painting, commisioned by Ja Rule in 2017, hung confidently on the wall of the office of Fyre Inc, in New York, NY. Bold with his trademark flamboyance and vivid color palette, Barnes' painting once spoke of an endless font of ambition. Now it speaks of the fever dreams of a man whose reach exceeded his grasp.

Recording artist, actor and entrepreneur Ja Rule has stored this painting since the epic collapse of Fyre Inc. Now he releases it to world with the pointed note: "Fuck this painting."

Available for signature by Ja Rule, upon request.

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